That’s How Brexit Will Influence The Future Of Spanish Students Studying In UK

2 years ago



As you may know, Great Britain crashes out of the European Union. With it, today, the question is: will it influence Spanish students who study in the UK? In this post, the Typical Student team will try to give you the answer.


The Future Of Spanish Students Is Unclear





In a word, Great Britain is going to leave the European Union and it may be a good step for them. This process is called Brexit. Still, there are so many Spanish students who receive higher education in the UK. Thus, now, it’s quite unclear is Spanish students will continue receiving the financial support the way they should under the Erasmus program.


What Is Erasmus?





Erasmus is one of the popular student exchange programs in the UK. So, Erasmus was made over 30 years ago by the European Union. It was meant to bring the continent together through university research and education. According to the EU officials, there were €16.38 billion spent on the budget of Erasmus.


Brexit And Today’s Students





In 2019, many Spanish students who want to study in the UK are afraid that they won’t receive financial support due to Brexit. However, university students who are currently enrolled won’t be affected. And what about those who will study in the 2019-2020 academic year? Unfortunately, these students could lose their scholarships in case the British parliament doesn’t ratify a Withdrawal Agreement before March 29.



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