That’s How Genes Influence Student’s Uni Choice According to King’s College Researchers

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According to the newest researches made at London’s King’s College, genes influence your choice of university. It also comes for such things as exam performance. In this post, the Typical Student team is going to tell you more about the study.

King’s College Researchers 

how-genes-influence-uni-choice.jpegSo, the researchers from King’s College in UK say that the genetic make-up significantly determines how well a student will do at university but not only this! The study says that your genes also influence the choice of institution you are going to attend. There was a deep research made into the link between genes and higher education outcomes. 

What Was Studied?

how-genes-influence-uni-choice.pngTo get the results, KCL researchers analyzed thousands of British twins. Both identical and non-identical. They wanted to unpick the contribution DNA and other variables. Among the points, there were such things as home life, which makes the higher education success.

The result showed that the identical twins share the same genetic make-up and it “enabled researchers to measure the overall impact of genetics on how much people differ when it comes to measures such as exam scores”.

“If identical twins’ exam scores are more alike than non-identical twins’, it is an indication genetic factors are driving that success,” says the research.

Thus, genes account for 46% of a student’s performance. And the rest of the variation attributed to environmental factors. For example, parents’ wealth and secondary schooling quality.

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