That’s How International Students From Different Countries Celebrate Xmas

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Getting home for Christmas is not always an option for international students because of various reasons such as distance, money, or job. Katie Kokkinou, a student of the University College London, says: “Usually everything is closed for a significant stretch of time, but many students are still here. Some students don't want to go back and prefer to revise instead, while others simply cannot afford to, because flights during winter are so expensive. And others do part-time work." Today, the Typical Student team will tell you how international students spend Christmas season.

Christmas Feast At Uni




The administration of many universities organizes a Christmas feast for their students. For instance, Durham University makes annual Christmas dinner in Durham castle. Besides, the dean of students’ team at the University of Hertfordshire visits all the students who stayed at halls for Christmas and gives them small presents. However, most of the students have their own plans for the holidays.

Celebrating With Friends




If you were lucky enough to make friends with the locals, you might be invited to celebrate Xmas at their place. Just like Karla Mormoreira, a student from Canada, who spends winter holidays at her friend’s in Cardiff: “I'm spending Christmas at a friend's house. Her family invited me for Christmas there – it'll be like having a surrogate family." Karla also adds that she doesn’t feel blue about celebrating Xmas apart from her family: "I chose to join our family vacation in South America, where we're originally from, rather than going home for Christmas. I felt I'd be having more of an experience going away."

So wherever you are you still can have a great Christmas, even though your family is far away. Merry Christmas to all the international students!

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