How Many US And UK Unis Were Included to Top 100 World University Rankings in 2018? (INFOGRAPHICS)

3 years ago



In this post, the Typical Student team is going to take a quick look at the recent world university rankings. How many US and UK unis are in the list of top 100 institutions? Also, we got used that Singapore is the top institution in Asia. However, in 2018, Tsinghua University in Beijing has overtaken it. China definitely leads Asia rise in world uni rates. What are other countries included to top 100? Let’s see!


Other Countries

Among the other countries included to top 100, there were:

  • Switzerland,
  • Singapore,
  • Canada,
  • Australia,
  • China,
  • Germany,
  • Sweden,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Belgium,
  • Japan,
  • Netherlands,
  • France,
  • South Korea,
  • and Finland.

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