Here Is How Mobiles Ban Influenced California Students

3 years ago



There’s no secret, a lot of countries and schools bun mobiles on campuses. This time, it comes for California high school students. And here is what the Typical Student team is going to talk about.


San Lorenzo High School





As you may know, California banned using mobiles in school in 2018. According to the recent research, this step really works! The results show that California high school students have higher grades if they are getting less screen time.


One San Lorenzo High School teachers brought pouches into her classroom. It was made to lock away students’ phones. Soon the entire school started using them from the beginning of the school day which means from 8 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.


The Result





The study showed that over 50% of students said they “felt loneliness, anxiety, or upset in the absence of a cellphone.” By the way, it showed that girls are more likely to feel these changes than boys.


“If something feels weird about modern life to young kids who are dealing with a lot of angst and anxiety in general, maybe it has something to do with relating to the world primarily through a screen eight hours a day,” Yondr’s founder Graham Dugoni.


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