How to Deal With Loans Via App by US Department of Education? It’s completely free!

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US students can finally deal with loans without losing time. It becomes possible with the appearance of the new mobile app made by the Department of Education. It’s completely free! 


When will Americans be able to apply for federal aides via phones? The Typical Student team is going to shed some light on the question. Needless to say, US students and their parents hate the application process. It needs time, which is uncomfortable for any learner. And it also has so many steps to follow. Although the way to simplify the application process has already been found, the Department of Education is going to present FAFSA.


What Is FAFSA?



FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the upcoming app that promises to make your life easier. The main task: letting students deal with their loans without a lot of effort. The application is mobile, so you can use it anytime.


When Will The App Be Available?



August, 15, the beta version of FAFSA goes live. Talking about the fully functional application, the release is expected to be October, 1. Officials want to present app this date to allow US students apply for financial aid for 2019-2010 academic year. Today, the application is called My Student Aid.


Is It Going to Be The Only Way to Deal with Loans?


No, you still can leave money on the table in case you prefer the old-fashioned way.


Things Getting Better?


Looks like the Department of Education makes the first step to simplifying the financial aid process. Making loans mobile cost them $1.2 million. And the price is just for the development of beta version.

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