Here’s How Students Can Get A Degree Without Actually Going To College

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Here is the question any would-be-student asks at least once: how to earn a college degree if you don’t have time for it? Finally, the answer is known! In 2019, the University of Hawaii launches the program for students. It allows young people to earn their degree online. In this post, the Typical Student team will provide you with more details!


When Will The Program Start?





First things first, the program created by Hawaii University will start in August 2019. It will begin with, selecting a degree. Here’s what  John Morton, Vice President of Community Colleges, says:

We know that many Hawaii residents want to earn a college degree but have competing demands, which make it difficult to take classes at a college campus. This program allows students to learn on their own schedule and to focus on one class at a time.”


Will There Be Any Bachelors Degrees Offered?





Obviously, there will be online bachelors degrees will be offered. This offer comes for certain programs and starts autumn 2020. During the fall semester, students are going to take classes one at a time. It means each class will last five weeks. Here’s what David Lassner, UH President, said:


It’s going to be focused, it’s going to be flexible, it’s going to be affordable and it’s going to be an opportunity for primarily adults who are raising a family and working to go back to school or go to school for the first time and earn an associates degree. They can do it at night, they can do it in the morning around their work schedules, around their childcare.


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