Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the Century Is Coming! Are You Afraid?

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Even if you aren’t fond of astronomy, this year’s extra-long lunar eclipse is a must-see! The bad news is, however, you won’t be able to witness this exciting event if you live in North America! Still, the inhabitants of a very small part of eastern Canada and eastern Caribbean will be able to see the EPIC lunar eclipse. The Typical Student team is sharing the insights on where student astronomers can take a look at this phenomenon apart from observatory.


Is the “Blood Moon” a Bad Omen?




According to astronomer Francisco Diego of the University College London, during the eclipse, “the Earth, sun and moon will be in a single line with the Earth in between the sun and the moon”.


In other words, the moon will stop getting the light from the sun because the shadow of the Earth will temporarily cover it. This will create an illusion of the “blood moon” being a terrifying omen ever since the ancient times.


Where to See the Epic Lunar Eclipse in July 2018?


The most favorable locations to see the extra-long lunar eclipse are:

  • eastern and southern Africa
  • the Middle East,
  • eastern Europe
  • south Asia

Also, check the locations on the NASA map:


If you reside in a place where it’s impossible to see the eclipse, you can watch the live streaming on Facebook.

Why Is 2018 Lunar Eclipse Special?


So, why is there so much fuss about this year’s lunar eclipse? Turns out, the 2018 lunar eclipse is extremely long. According to NASA, the Jul 27 lunar eclipse will last 1 hour 42 minutes 57 seconds, while  the entire event’s duration will be more than 6 hours!

How to “Catch” the Eclipse in Your Area?


 To learn when to watch out for the lunar eclipse in your area, use the Timeanddate.com calculator. Here’s the animated video showing the movement of the Moon:  

The cool thing is, you don’t need to protect your eyes while watching the lunar eclipse. To observe all the shadow and color changes, a pair of binoculars will do.


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