Lazy Student’s Guide to Taking Notes in Class In Viral Twitter Thread

3 years ago



Making notes throughout the lecture might seem harder than it looks. Once you think about something completely unrelated to the stuff your prof is telling and voila - you’ve just missed a bunch of slides with crucial info! A PhD student came across an obvious note-taking technique employed by her students. She shared it on Twitter, so the Typical Student team is delivering it to you.


How to Make Notes The Right Way?


Actually, the idea is quite simple: a group of students creates a shared Google Doc file and several students take notes in it simultaneously. They need to highlight the parts of a lecture they failed to understand. Then, other students can go ahead and explain the highlighted pieces or throw in the pieces of information someone could have missed.


When it comes to the end-of-term revision, students end up with a massive Google Doc file with all of the details at hand. This approach as simple as it is effective, as you have the most detailed review material and it’s so much better that what you could have produced yourself.  


And now, see the viral Twitter thread:






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