Going Viral: How UK Students Educate Each Other by Doing Homework on YouTube

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YouTube brings A LOT of entertainment to our lives. But it isn’t all about fun and games - there’s a serious educational side to it. Ever heard of vloggers doing homework on YouTube? Well, now you know!

Once upon a time Jade Bowler, a student from the UK, decided to combine her A-Level revision with her passion for vlogging. It’s been two years ever since Jade became a member of teen study vloggers community. These girls and guys share advice and motivate their fellow students to be diligent in studies.

Homework on YouTube: UnJaded Jade

The majority of videos show teenagers studying in silence. However, there are videos where they speak to the camera sharing their academic experiences, worries, and routines. What’s the point of such a seemingly one-sided communication? Well, the videos not only share tips but also provide an online community for studious teenagers feeling in a minority at school.

Jade Bowler’s YouTube channel UnJaded Jade has amassed almost 170K subscribers, with some videos having over 900K views! Jade’s main focus is revision videos meant to help students prepare for GCSE and A-Level exams. Recently, both examinations have undergone a reform, which added the pressure for students.

  • GCSEs exams are taken to get a certificate of completion for secondary school in the UK. A series of changes have been introduced to the GCSEs - most coursework and controlled assessment were abolished. The work marked and supervised by teachers doesn’t count as a critical factor, and the academic result relies mainly on exams.
  • A-Levels are the equivalent of senior year at U.S. high school. UK students take the exams on key subjects to enter the university. A-Levels have been changed to the linear model. Students have to take all the exams for their qualification at the end of the full course.

The Modern-Day Hermione

Another student, Ruby Granger, 17, combines A-Level studies with vlogging on her self-titled YouTube channel to an audience of more than 174K subscribers. Ruby focuses on productivity and organization tips as well as sharing experiences about the reality of academia.

The YouTube channel helped Ruby find other students passionate about learning. She is excited to keep in touch with younger kids aged 12 - 14 and receive positive feedback from them. who tell her how much they love learning. Ruby’s main incentive is to provide "some comfort" to the kids who feel a bit outcast because of their love for academia.  

Study With Me: The Importance of GCSE Exam Preparation

One more great example of a student YouTube educator is Evie Flynn, 15, who started her channel in January 2017. Despite having only 17K subscribers, Evie is dedicated to her revision vlogs. All because of the positive feedback she gets from her fellow students! Evie believes that young people are starting to value education more and realize its tremendous importance. The GCSE exams revision videos on Evie’s channel have already gained more than 100K views!

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