How US Parents Protest Against Sexual Education in Schools: Burning Teen Vogue

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In the past few years, sexual education in the USA has been going through a rough patch. Still, this doesn’t prevent some individuals from making things worse. In case you didn’t know, there’s a campaigner known as "Activist Mommy" on social media who claims LGBT and sexual health groups are "sneaking into schools" to "rape the minds of children."

Elizabeth Johnston, whose "Activist Mommy" Facebook page has 500,000+ likes has called on parents to participate in her "Sex Ed Sit-Out" protest on April 23. Elizabeth’s 10 kids are homeschooled, so she has urged other parents to take their children out of school on that day as well.

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What’s Wrong With Sex Ed in the U.S.?

Today, 24 US states, including the District of Columbia, mandate sex education, while only 13 US states have a requirement of its medical accuracy. Last year’s the study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health revealed that sex ed programs taught in US schools fail to reduce teen pregnancy rates. Neither do they teach teenagers how to protect from STIs.

Contrary to the abstinence before marriage approach, non-profit sexual health organizations are calling for comprehensive education in schools to be LGBTQIA+ inclusive. Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth, and LGBT advocacy non-profit the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) are among those groups.


In a radio interview with the Family Research Council, Johnston said: "We’re the taxpayers, we’re the parents, you don’t know our children, and you’re not allowed to rape the minds of our children with this pornographic material." Obviously, this statement is an over exaggeration of what is being done by the HRC.  

The director of the program, Johanna Eager, comments that HRC's Welcoming Schools program does not specifically address sexual health topics. She adds that "comprehensive sexual health education is proven to reduce rates of unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual harassment in schools." The Human Rights Campaign will continue close cooperation with faculty and staff to "ensure that fundamental right is guaranteed for every student."

Ignorance Is Bliss


Source: Queerty

Apparently, the Activist Mommy has a different opinion of what sexual agenda at school should look like. Her comments about "sexual activity taking place in stairwells" and "out of control immorality in the schools." She adds: "We need to get our kids out of the public school system and begin to disciple them in the ways of God."

Looks like the blogger is treading the slippery slope by gaining attention through online scandal. Previously, Ms. Johnston burned a copy of Teen Vogue magazine, after it published a scientific guide to anal sex targeting "teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk." The controversial tutorial, however, stressed the importance of consent and using condoms to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Meanwhile, the representatives of LGBTQ advocacy groups are appalled with the ignorance Johnston promotes on social media. Jessica Stern, the director of OutRight Action International believes that sex education is meant to teach youths to have a healthy relationship to sex, no matter their sexuality or gender expression. The better kids are informed, the safer decisions they make in their sex lives.

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