Hundreds Of New Zealand Students Affected By NCEA Exam Glitch Get Special Grades

3 years ago



Previously, the Typical Student team told you about NZQA History Exam Reveals New Zealand Students Don’t Know What 'Trivial' Means. It has come to our knowledge there has been a new exam scandal in connection with NCEA exam results published today. As told by Radio New Zealand, the results include "aggregate marks for 1100 students whose online English exam was marred by a technical failure last year."


What Happened at NCEA Exam?



Turns out, due to the exam server malfunctions, the Level 1 students have lost connection during the exam for a short period of time. On January 15, they have received the derived grades based on school work completed during the academic year. 3000 students altogether have sat in the exam according to the Qualifications Authority, but it’s yet unclear how many were affected by the glitch. Six students have reportedly lost some of their work due to the malfunction.


How Did the Glitch Impact Students?



In times when "students’ performance might have been impaired," the derived grades were applied. Michael Williams, the Secondary Principals Association president, has confirmed that  the glitch isn’t unlikely "to deter schools from entering students in online exams in the future."


Also, Mr Williams specified that mostly students who sat in the Level 1 exam, and not a Level 3 exam, have been affected.

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