That’s Why Immigration Officials Blocked Amsterdam Student From Visiting UK For Education Reasons

3 years ago



This story happened to an Amsterdam student who wanted to visit UK but wasn’t allowed to do it. What’s the problem? Today, the Typical Student team will try to figure it out!

The Original Story

immigration-officials-blocked-amsterdam-student-from-visiting-uk-1.jpgSo, the female student from Amsterdam University was going to enter UK for an academic conference. Her name od Nadza Dzinalija and she’s a Bosnian national. Nadza is 21 y.o. and somehow she wasn't allowed to visit UK. The student wanted to visit the country for six days to attend an event organized by Glasgow University’s psychology department. However, the immigration officials were “not satisfied” she would leave at the end of her stay.

Why Immigration Officials Refused The Request?

immigration-officials-blocked-amsterdam-student-from-visiting-uk-3.jpgToday, Nadza Dzinalija studies for psychology masters at the University of Amsterdam. She already achieved a distinction in her undergraduate degree. She provided all the proofs showing she’ll return to Amsterdam on 29 October. Still, the immigration officials said that ‘because her student visa in the Netherlands was set to expire in December, they did not believe she would comply with any restrictions placed on her by a UK visa regime’. Besides, Nadza submitted the needed application to extend her student visa in the Netherlands in September. All this time she was waiting for a decision. The legal experts said there was no reason her request would be refused.

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