Importance Of A Car Accident Lawyer And How They Solve A Case

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When you're injured in a car accident, there are several issues on your plate. You'll need to deal with your injuries first and foremost. From there, you will have to consider the insurance situation. How much does your insurance policy cover? Is there another driver at fault? In many instances, you will run into a defendant who is either undercapitalized or uninsured. This can create problems when you have expensive medical bills. This is what good lawyers are for. When you're hurt in a car accident, a good lawyer can guide you through the process and make sure you get what you deserve. 

Car accident lawyers help you avoid bad settlements

Regardless of the fact that no one expects to be in an accident, you can't rule out the fact that it can always happen. For this reason, you’re better prepared insurance wise or enlist the help of someone who knows how to negotiate on your behalf. When people try to sort out their car accident injury issues on their own, they can sometimes settle for less than what the claim is worth. This is especially the case for people who sustain injuries that are not so obvious. Dairn Shane from Preszler Law ( says that hairline bone fractures can go unnoticed after an auto accident, detectable only by X-ray, and yet can be the cause of long-term pain. And in this case, it can be hard to know just how much you should be paid. Several factors go into the appropriate amount you should receive, including all of the following:

  • The extent and amount of your medical costs
  • The pain and suffering you have suffered
  • Any past wages or future earnings you might have lost out on because of the accident
  • Your likelihood of prevailing in the action

They can evaluate your chances, so you won't waste precious time

A good lawyer will know how to evaluate your case, including looking at the potential total value of the case as well as your likelihood of winning. It takes experience and knowledge to make these sorts of determinations. Some lawyers have been through so many of these cases that they can give you a good idea of whether or not you will prevail. This can help you make a decision on how to proceed, whether you want to go to trial or not and what an appropriate settlement amount might be. A person going at it alone or going to an inexperienced lawyer will mostly be guessing on these issues, which can cause major problems.

They can diagnose the issues to speed up the process

Good lawyers know that when a car accident takes place, it is important to consider not only the insurance coverage of the driver at fault but also the insurance coverage of the victim. When you're hurt in an accident, your own insurance company may be required to pay out a claim. This can be quite important in those instances where the other driver's insurance refuses to pay. Often times, with car accidents, the other party will not have the money on hand to pay a big settlement. This means that if their insurance company won't pay, you will have a hard time collecting. This is why it is so critical to understand all of the potential avenues for recovery. A good lawyer can do just that on your behalf.

They can decipher difficult contract language, helping you avoid errors. 


Insurance policies are notoriously complicated. They can have many clauses in them that provide an avenue for you to recover damages. Some of those clauses may also be designed to limit the liability of the insurance company. Some, for instance, might entitle you to more recovery if you were injured in certain types of wrecks. The right lawyer will be able to assess your insurance policy and provide guidance as to whether you will be able to recover there or whether you need to push your claim up the ladder. 

They can help you document your case, giving you a greater chance at high recovery

When you speak to a good lawyer, you will quickly learn that all cases are built on paper. It is important to have documentation of all of your costs and any other evidence for establishing damages. With the help of a lawyer, you should be able to archive all of the medical costs and procedures that you have been through. This way, when it comes down to proving what you are owed either in a settlement discussion or in trial, you will be able to do that. While you may have more important things to do while you're injured, like improving your own health, your lawyer can play a fundamental role in helping you know what needs to be kept and what does not. 

The role of lien holders in the settlement process

You may have liens against your property, either because you borrowed money on the vehicle or because you owed money to someone else. When this is the case, you will want to consult with your attorney to ensure that you recover enough to pay off these liens and still have something left over. A good lawyer will help you understand what the bottom line payday will be with any given settlement. This is part of their job so that you can make a good, informed decision.

How good car accident lawyers solve your case

Good car accident lawyers investigate all of the pertinent details of your case, looking at the speed of any cars involved, diagnosing any potential manufacturing problems, and identifying all of the potential parties who could have liability. They then put a price tag on your claim, figuring out just how much you have been damaged. Working closely with you, they combine intense knowledge of the facts of your case with substantial expertise to put pressure on insurance companies to offer nice settlements. If necessary, they take the case to trial to fight for your rights. 

Smart plaintiffs know the importance of having the right lawyer. Car accident lawyers can help sort through the details of your case. They will understand the complex financial dynamics in play and ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

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