How Indian Female Student Beats the Crap Out of Flasher at Railway Station!

3 years ago



Mind you, this is NOT a story about rape, but rather about having the guts to withstand the harrassment. The incident went viral on Facebook after Kavitha J Kalloor, a final-year law student told about the entire episode and posted the photo of a man who attempted to harass her. Women in India are no strangers to men flashing in public and making advances at them with lewd gestures.


Typically, the offenders get away with this gruesome behavior because of public indifference and shame preventing most women from addressing the police. It is sad to admit, but India has long been listed among the countries with the highest rape rates worldwide. According to the National Crime Records Bureau 2015 statistic, there was 34,651 reported rape cases in India.


Dangers of Being a Flasher in India


On a Sunday evening, Kavitha J Kalloor, a law student from Kerala was waiting for her train to Mangaluru at the railway station. Suddenly, she saw a middle-aged man in white robes who started acting “in a shady and disturbing manner.” Kavitha immediately reacted by clicking a picture of the man. All of a sudden, a stranger flashed the law student and started to masturbate in public!



Apparently, Kavitha wasn’t stunned by this fact, so she put away the phone, caught the pervert by the collar, and gave him a thrashing he deserved. The sicko didn’t see that coming, so he started begging the girl to let him go.


In her interview to The New Indian Express, Kavitha said, as quoted further: “The man fell at my feet and said he will never do it again and walked away. There were several men and women on the platform, and I was expecting some real support in the real world. But not one person came forward to warn him.”


What a brave girl, indeed! See the picture of the miscreant posted on Kavitha’s Facebook page.

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