Indian School Vandalized by Angry Mob After Teacher-Student Sexual Video Leaks Online (VIRAL VIDEO)

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The news just broke about a teacher-student sexual assault scandal in Kolkata. An angry mob vandalised a school in New Town, North 24 Parganas, last Thursday. As reported by EenaduIndia, the reason for this uncontrolled behavior was a video leaked on social media. Allegedly, the video shows “a school teacher in a compromising position with a class 10 girl student.” The Typical Student team previously showed you HORRIFIC Video of a School Destroyed by UAE Students Goes Viral. Check it out! 


Source: EenaduIndia


Rampage In Kolkata: Key Facts


Here’s what we know about the rampage in Kolkata:

  • After the scandalous video went viral on social media, the parents and students of the school went on a rampage at 4 pm.
  • According to the senior officer of Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate, the forensics are trying to define if the video isn’t fake.
  • Upon learning that no measures have been taken
  • The angry mob of students and parents, joined by outsiders, vandalised school property demanding the accused be immediately arrested.
  • After the rampage, allegedly, the school administration handed over the accused teacher to the police.

The footage of alleged sexual assault has been taken down. Still, you can see the footage of an angry crowd destroying the school premises:



School’s Reaction to Rampage


Later, the school headmaster made an official statement and expressed condemnation for the teacher’s actions. As quoted in the statement:


“We condemn any such act by a teacher who should set example by his conduct before the students and not get involved in any conduct which can be questioned by others. A teacher should boast off good moral character.”


According to the headmaster, after the teacher has been taken into custody, the situation became normal again. The police are now looking for individuals involved in the act of school vandalism.

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