Indian Teacher Made Student Do Head Massage and Braid Her Hair During Class Hours (VIRAL VIDEO)

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Head massage and hair braiding are typically associated with a beauty salon services, not school. Still, there are teachers who like breaking the rules. Last week, a controversial video went viral. The footage shows a government school teacher in Telangana, India, “getting a head massage followed by a braid inside her classroom.” The Typical Student team learned the details.

That perhaps is the CREEPIEST video of a teacher-student interaction during the class. You can see the physics teacher, Parvathi, who earlier said she was having a headache, enjoy the oiling procedure done by a female student. And that happens while the rest of the class is watching! When the student is done with the massage, she proceeds to doing her hair plaits.

student-braids-teacher-hair-01Where Did The Incident Occur?

As reported by Times Now Digital, one of the students at Model Government School located at Narmetta village, Jangaon district, shot the video and leaked it online.  

In the video, a female school teacher is shown getting a head massage and a hair braiding session right inside her classroom! This did not sit well with the education department officers who decided to look deeper into the incident.

Student Video Revenge

Students claim Parvathi has pulled that weird trick before as well. Outraged by the teacher’s behavior, students recorded the act and leaked the footage online hoping for some action to be taken. Evidently, the video is raising a lot of brows and poses questions on the state of education in smaller towns.

According to Times Now Digital, students at that particular school have also complained of similar practices used by other teachers. The students at Parvathi’s class have already requested a substitute. It is unknown why Indian teachers have so much liking to the head massage, but this surely becomes systemic.


In 2017, a similar video was leaked online. In the last year’s footage, a teacher at one of Odisha's Sambalpur district schools, could be seen while one of her students was massaging her head.

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