16 INGENIOUS Teachers That Have a Blast at Work

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Being a teacher is quite a tough job. Teachers are not only responsible for providing their students with knowledge, but also for the development of their students’ moral values. At the same time, a good teacher is the one who is rather a student’s friend than a strict professor. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about Teachers Aren't Killjoys and Tyrants: 4 KINDEST Feats in the Name of Students That Make You Cry and Teachers by Calling: 4 AMAZING US Educators Teaching Outside School Curriculum. And, if you don't have enough, take a peek at the list of 4 COOLEST Teachers You Wish You Had At School. Today, we have a little something for you to brighten up your summer mood!

So, what makes a great teacher? Obviously, their abilities to find right approach to the students. You all probably know some teachers whose lessons are pretty unconventional and it might even seem to you that you are rather having fun than studying. Well, as a matter of fact, it is a teacher’s hard work to create an illusion that his or her students are not studying but having fun. Have you ever met such creative, hardworking, and extraordinary professionals? Here are some vivid examples of the cool teachers who know the right approach to students.

1. This unusual teacher is definitely has a stunning sense of humor. In order to prevent students from talking during his class he draws dead kittens every time somebody is chatting.


2. For those students who need some more Christmas mood this chemistry teacher made a pretty Christmas Tree.


3. Just a teacher or Mr. President? This teacher from Mexico dressed up as the US President Donald Trump for the school party.



4. Are you a medicine faculty student? Well, you probably should learn these innovatively new methods of healing soft tissue injuries.


5. Halloween is always a mysterious holiday, especially when your chemistry teacher is doing magic during the class.


6. While the students of this teacher were struggling with the test, he managed to draw the whole picture on the board.


7. Well, this teacher definitely knows how to draw attention of the students to his lesson. Just look how cute this minion is!


8. What do you know about creativity? Obviously, this math teacher is a creativity god.

9. This teacher perfectly knows how to deal with those students who do not do their homework.


10. Your teachers give you homework that anybody in your class cannot cope with? Well, you better visit classes of this one.


11. Do not even try to trick this teacher that you are not on your phone.


12. It is actually quite nice to get bad marks in such a funny way. Indeed, getting this Gandalf drawing is better than getting an A+.


13. Cheating? Not at this teacher’s test. This stunning anti-cheating technique just blows one’s mind! Well, unless his students did not bring cheating sheets.


14. Great sense of humor and cool music preferences are the basic features of the best teacher in the world.


15. Still don’t know what to learn for the exam? Well, this teacher gives you a hint, so don’t just take his shirt for granted.


16. This ingenious teacher knows exactly what to do in order to make his students concentrated on the test. Such kind of motivation and encouragement during the test is certainly unusual and quite creative.


Guess, everyone wants to have teachers similar to those featured in the selection. The Typical Student team wishes you to be taught only by the best educators!

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