Instagram Rolls Out New Anti-Bullying Feature To Restrict 'Problematic' Followers

2 years ago



Recently, Instagram announced two new features aimed to fight online bullying. The Typical Student team previously told you about the College Community Groups Instagram feature.


What Are Instagram's New Features?  



The first feature will warn users if the comment they're going to post is considered offensive using the AI. 

The second feature will help users to "restrict" problematic followers. This feature will hide comments made by restricted followers from public view (unless you approve them). Also, users on your restricted list won't see your activity status or when you've read their DM's. 


Reasons Why Instagram Is Developing New Features




These new tools have been developed as a part of Instagram's efforts to fight bullying. They have been in the works ever since Adam Mosseri became Instagram's CEO late last year.

In the past, Instagram has experimented with filtering out negative comments and AI used machine learning to combat bullying in photos. It's also experimented with changes like hiding "like" counts from people looking at your posts. Instagram is willing to "make decisions that mean people use Instagram less if it keeps people safer."


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