Instagram Is Testing New Feature Targeted at Students, College Community Groups to Roll Out Soon

3 years ago



Beyond doubt, Instagram is THE thing among college students! With so many amazing features, this social network has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years. According to a CNBC report, Instagram is getting ready to roll out a new feature that will groups users into college community lists. The Typical Student team previously told you about a similar feature in Tinder Rolls Out College Version Tinder U for US Students EXCLUSIVELY.


Why Is Instagram Rolling Out a Student Targeted Feature?


Experts believe, this move is following the “beginnings of parent company Facebook” which initially started as a college-exclusive platform. The Instagram’s new service is intended for students that are currently enrolled in university.


As told by the Verge, some Instagram users have been offered to join their college community.  The feature is meant to connect college students with their mates as well as add the user to “a class-based list.” So, what can the users do with the new feature?

  • In case a user joins the group, they can add their university and the year of graduation to their Instagram profile;
  • Users will be able to view public Instagram Stories posted by other users;
  • Direct message other Instagram users on the community lists.

First Tinder U, Now Instagram?


Unlike Tinder U, the student account verification doesn’t rely on an .edu email address or campus geolocation. Somehow, the “information people have publicly shared about their university, the accounts they follow and other connections they have” seems to be enough.

Still, while testing the new feature, CNBC reporter was able to join a college community group despite already being a college alumni.


Currently, the feature is being tested. According to the Verge, to keep students from the unnecessary interactions, there are “tools to report inappropriate usage.”

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