Students Walk Out of Wilder School During Ivanka and Tim Cook Visit

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Ivanka Trump and Tim Cook visited Wilder Elementary School together on November 27 to promote the benefits of Apple products for education. However, they didn’t expect to face a negative reaction to their visit. Wilder elementary is known as one of the low-income schools in the Idaho district of Wilder. In 2016, Apple donated an iPad to every student and teacher. The Typical Student team learned what happened.


From Poorest to Most Innovative



Source: DailyMail


As told by DailyMail, Wilder was listed among 114 low-income schools in 29 US states to receive iPad donations from Apple under its ConnectED program. However, the high school students complained that iPads “had made their lessons self-guided”.




Source: DailyMail


A few students walked out of school during Ivanka and Tim Cook visit. Allegedly, students were disappointed that the innovations nearly eliminated student-teacher communication. Some said that ruined their education. According to students, the only time they interact with educators is when they need to unlock quizzes and advance to the next learning sections.  


Why Did Protesters Gather Near Wilder Elementary?



Source: DailyMail


While Ivanka Trump and Tim Cook were paying their visit, 30 protesters gathered at school to protest Trump's immigration policies. They chanted 'stop gassing babies' while dozen supporters were heard chanting 'We love Trump!'

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