These Irish Students Singing And Dancing On Ryanair Flight Are REALLY Something! (VIRAL VIDEO INSIDE)

3 years ago



Looks like One Direction has to move over, as the new Irish boyband is gaining traction on Ryanair flights. The viral video showing a group of Irish students dancing on the Ryanair flight looks just hilarious. And, the Typical Student team just couldn’t pass it by.



Dancing Irish Students From St Brendan’s College



As told by FM104, the dancing boys are students at St Brendan’s College in Killarney. While they were on a flight from London Stansted to Kerry, the students take out their Irish trad instruments and started an impromptu music session.


See the full video below:





Other people on the flight can be seen cheering and singing along. All of a sudden, two students  jump up from their seats and begin dancing which adds to the incredible scene.






Ryanair shared the video on their Instagram with a caption that reads as follows: "The music class from St Brendan’s College in Killarney had their Irish trad instruments with them on yesterday's flight from London Stansted to Kerry."


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