Is China University a Safe Place for Your Mental Health? One More Hong Kong Professor Murders His Wife

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August 2018, the Chinese professor from the University of Hong Kong was arrested for killing his wife, putting the remains into suitcase and hiding it at the office. The story becomes double-shocking because of the other case happened in Hong Kong. It was a professor as well. He killed his family with carbon-monoxide. 

What’s wrong with Hong Kong professors? Looks like Chinese education system has serious problems. Over 97% of HK professors and teachers port the perceived stress level. What are the main reasons Hong Kong professors face everyday stress? Now, the Typical Student team is going to figure it out.

Is Hong Kong a Safe Place for Your Mental Health?

They say, Hong Kong is a noticeably safe place for a city of its size but it saw so many unexpectable murder cases during the last years. However, many students all over the globe visit HK because of education. 

Now, the question is: is Hong Kong a safe place for your mental health. Looks like it’s not. There’s a series of terrifying cases happening with students and professors from the University of Hong Kong.

For example, one former nursing student killed her parents and then committed suicide. Today, Chinese students are shocked by one more murder.

Hong Kong Professor Kills His Wife


During the latest press conference, Chinese police accused Cheung Kie-chung of murdering his wife, who was reported missing. Cheung is a 53-year-old professor at Hong Kong University (HKU). He’s also a member of university governing council. The body (hidden in the suitcase) was found in Cheung’s office. Now the professor is under arrest. As expected HKU representatives gave no comments.

Hong Kong Professor Kills His Family


In 2015, there was another Hong Kong professor, who killed his family: wife and teenage daughter. He did it using the carbon-monoxide-filled yoga ball. The bodies were found inside a yellow Mini Cooper.

Khaw was the professor in anesthesiology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, so it was easy for him to order the deadly gas.

What’s Wrong with Hong Kong Professors?


Two professors murdering the members of their family in recent years - is it just an accident? There’s a huge problem Chinese education system has. Statistica shows that 97% of Hong Kong professors and teachers report the perceived stress level.


What Are The Reasons?


The investigation showed that the main reasons of stress Chinese professors and teachers face every day are:

  • heavy workload and time pressure - 95, 1%,
  • education reforms - 86.8%
  • external university or school review - 70.1%, 
  • pursuing further education - 60.9%, 
  • managing students' behavior, and learning - 57.6%.

Need More Reasons?

Other frequently reported sources of work stress among Hong Kong professors include financial stress (33.0%), family problem (27.4%), children education (24.3%), and children stress (15.3%).

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