Aya Masarwe, Israeli Student Murdered In Australia While Talking To Her Sis On FaceTime

2 years ago



This homicide shocked the internet! The young woman who was killed outside a Bundoora shopping center appeared to be an Israeli student. In this post, the Typical Student team will give you more details about the story of Aya Masarwe.


Original Story





Aya Masarwe was only 21 y.o. She came to Australia for a 6-month-long study abroad program. Aya was a LaTrobe University student. According to the Victoria police, Aya Masarwe was returning to her apartment that is located near the university’s main Bundoora campus. She was sexually assaulted and murdered and just a few hundred meters from the Polaris shopping center. That’s where the body was found next morning.


Phone Call





Police officials believe that Aya was followed on her way home from the city by her killer. This man must have boarded the #86 tram. He entered the same stop as Aya did. It was on the corner of Plenty Road and Main Drive.

Student’s uncle, Rame Masarwe, said that Aya was talking on the phone to her younger sister. It was about 11 p.m. And this is the time when the student was attacked. Aya’s younger sister was on FaceTime, so she heard the attack. She said:


“The phone has fallen down, but I heard the voices over the phone.”

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