How Student Praises Hot Water in His Grad Speech and Becomes a Celebrity in China, See Viral Video

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In case you didn’t know, hot water is a universal remedy in China! At least that’s how Carlo, an Italian postgrad at East China Normal University in Shanghai, put it in his surprising graduation speech!

This Italian student decided to unveil the intricacies of Chinese mentality he learned while studying there for four years. In his graduating speech, Carlo, said that one of the cornerstones of Chinese culture, in his opinion, is... hot water!

The valedictorian admitted that whenever he was feeling unwell, his fellow Chinese students would always suggest he should drink hot water. Irrespective of the reason or diagnosis – whether he was in pain, or simply caught a cold - he was recommended hot water as a treatment.  

As quoted from the Shanghaiist, that’s what Carlo said in his graduation speech: “Fever? Drink hot water. Stomach ache? Drink hot water. Too much stress? Again, drink hot water.” And then he continued: “Now, I’ve come to find that China’s hot water is absolutely amazing!”

Why Do Chinese People Believe Hot Water Is a Remedy?


The belief in the healing power of drinking hot water reportedly stems from traditional Chinese medicine. According to Los Angeles Times, hot water is served as the main drink during legislative meetings in the Great Hall of the People. It is believed to increase blood circulation and helps to get rid of toxins in the body. Moreover, it is considered to be helpful with hormonal issues in women.

The tradition of drinking hot water in China dates back to the 4th century B.C. However, the practice became a universal practice in traditional medicine only in 1862! Under the Communist regime starting 1949, hot water became extremely popular and it still is to this day.

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