Japan Finally Approved Free Preschool Education Bill To Resolve Birthrate Problem

3 years ago



In Japan, the Lower House finally approved the long-awaited bill. It allows people to get free preschool education and here’s what the Typical Student team will tell you about!


The Reasons






To make a long story short, this Tuesday, the House of Representatives approved the free preschool education bill. Actually, it was offered in October 2018. It was made to expand child care support because, these days, Japan seems to struggle to reverse its falling birthrate.


According to the officials, a new free education program will cost nearly ¥776 billion a year. The initiative belongs to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who wanted to widen the scope of social security services. After the bill approval, Japan government have big hopes to improve the situation.


The Result






Within the program, the Japanese government promises to make preschool education free for all children aged between 3 and 5. What’s more, such things as day care services will also be free for children up to 2 who came from low-income households. We should also mention that, in 2018, around 20,000 children were unable to be placed in daycare because of the lack of nursery schools and teachers.


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