Japanese Student Forces Tabloid To Apologize For Women’s University ‘Sex Listing’

2 years ago



Previously, the Typical Student team told you how Tokyo Medical University Messed Exam Scores of Female Students On Purpose. Now, there’s more hot student news from Japan, as one of the country’s tabloids has recently apologised for publicizing a scandalous ranking of women’s universities. Turns out, the list is allegedly based on how willing female students are to “engage in sex acts while drinking at parties.”


Spa! Apology Statement




The editorial board of Spa! has posted a statement with an apology: "We would like to apologize for using sensational language to appeal to readers about how they can become intimate with women and for publishing a ranking, with real university names, that resulted in a feature that may have made our readers uncomfortable."  


Students Start Petition Demanding Public Apology



The article posted in 2018 caused some serious public outrage. Japanese student Kazuna Yamamoto started a Change.org petition demanding an apology and the magazine’s sales suspension. So far, the petition has amassed over 40K signatures. In the light of the public #MeToo conversation, the scandal has stirred the pot in Japan. 



As for the gender equality issues, Japan is ranked as one of the countries with largest gender equality gap. The country ranks bottom among the G7 countries for gender equality. And this is despite PM Shinzo Abe has pledged to empower working women with the "womenomics" policy. 


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