Kentucky University Becomes The Most Bicycle-Friendly US College

3 years ago



Winter 2018, the University of Kentucky was called the most bicycle-friendly college in the US. Needless to say, all the forms of physical activity are important for students who spend their days in books and laptops. Thus, let the Typical Student team tell you more!


League of American Bicyclists






So, recently one cycling magazine named the University of Kentucky the most bicycle-friendly college in the country. During the competition, there were checked nearly 45 universities. The list included the liberal-arts colleges and famous public universities.

“UK's creative incentives offered to students, staff, and faculty and commitment to supporting cycling stood out from other schools,” says Amelia Neptune, program director at the League of American Bicyclists.







Needless to say, there are still many unis that require improvement. According to Sandra Broadus, UK's alternative transportation manager, “a lot of funding has gone into infrastructure improvements, outreach, education and incentive programs for cyclists in the past six or seven years.”

“Despite the national recognition, Broadus says there's still room for improvement. Broadus says the school is getting ready to open its first indoor bike room,” says Broadus.



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