Teachers Aren't Killjoys and Tyrants: 4 KINDEST Feats in the Name of Students That Make You Cry

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Most students believe teachers are killjoys and tyrants aiming to spoil their lives in all imaginable ways. This is a grave misconception, since there could be no "one size fits all" approach. The Typical Student team previously told you about 4 COOLEST Teachers You Wish You Had At School, and Teachers by Calling: 4 AMAZING US Educators Teaching Outside School Curriculum, and we don’t want to stop!


Today, we’re going to tell you a bit more about real heroes in education who have been the kindest and most understanding to their students. These educators deserve some kudos for their attitude!

Monte Syrie, the teacher who lets his student sleep in a lesson

This story has gone viral after Monte Syrie, the teacher of English at a Cheney High School, Washington, shared a heart-warming story about his student on Twitter.


The Twitter thread has been retweeted over 700 times got over 4,100 likes. The Twitterverse was in awe and responded with admiration.

Unnamed Teacher, punished in UAE for dancing with students in class


As reported by Khaleej Times, an unnamed teacher in UAE was punished and transferred schools for joining his students while dancing in a classroom. The incident happened at the beginning of May, 2018. After the video of “inappropriate behavior” was leaked, the UAE Ministry of Education made parents of the students sign an undertaking that “their wards wouldn't repeat the act.” Also, the students' mobile phones have been confiscated.


UAE is known for having strict educational rules and practices, so dancing with students is obviously way out of the ordinary. The spokesperson for the school said: "The teacher did not seem like he was in control of the class and allowed the students to create ruckus. He even danced with them, without realising that such a behaviour is against the values of the UAE society."


Wendy Killian and Marie Bell, the teachers who donated their kidney to students


Wendy Killian, a kindergarten teacher at Mansfield Christian School, Ohio, donated her kidney to one of her pupils, Nicole Miller, who has a rare genetic disorder. When Killian learned about her student’s condition during a parent-teacher conference, she didn’t hesitate a moment to give one of her kidneys away.  



Another kindergarten teacher, Marie Bell, donated her kidney to a student’s father. When Ms Bell discovered that 5 year-old pupil Sean Smith was missing school because of his father’s kidney condition, she donated one of her kidneys to her student's dad!


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