King’s College London Reimburse £11,000 to Computer Students Due to Numerous Complaints

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As reported by TheTab, King's College London has reimbursed over £11,000 to third year Computer Science placement students. King’s students have complained over limited administrative support, internal organisation failures, and poor value for money during their industry year. The Typical Student team learned more about the situation.


How Much Reimbursement Have King’s Students Received?



Source: TheTab


On average, all affected students got 25% of their tuition fees returned to their accounts, which roughly makes to £1,350 for each. Computer science student named Timothy filed a complaint on behalf of the cohort of his fellow students to clarify the issues which included (direct quote from Timothy's email):

  • Issues securing careers meetings
  • Minimal to no international support regarding visas, CVs, or placement workshops
  • Deactivation of student ID cards on campus
  • Students being incorrectly charged or enrolled on the wrong course
  • Unhelpful and delayed responses to site visits
  • Difficulties with contacting department
  • Unprofessional or inadequate faculty organisation for face-to-face pastoral care
  • Lack of clarity regarding assessment

Did King’s Do Anything to Fix the Issues?



Source: TheTab


According to students, the solution of the highlighted issues had been postponed by the university intentionally. Timothy, who initially filed a complaint told The Tab: "The staff wanted a Skype meeting. We were promised in-person meetings for people within Greater London."


He also said that the university tried to fix the issue, promising career advisors, updated KEATS and SSLC pages, and a team of support for staff to organise accessible pastoral care for future placement students.


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