Leeds University Bans Profs From Using Capital Letters As It Scares Students

2 years ago



Obviously, you already heard from the Typical Student team about all these weird bans in colleges. Still, this time, lecturers have been banned from using capital letters when assigning work to students. Why is that? Just because it might upset them!


Where Did The Ban Happen?

leeds-bans-capital-letters-2.jpgThis story happened at the Leeds Trinity University, West Yorkshire, England. Local staff at the journalism department was informed that using uppercase letters may upset the students. Actually, the memo said that it will ‘scare them into failure’. To say more, the memo also suggested how to address the students. There were such points as writing in a friendly tone and avoiding overbearing and negative language.

The memo says: ‘Despite our best attempts to explain assessment tasks, any lack of clarity can generate anxiety and even discourage students from attempting the assessment at all.’

The Reaction

leeds-bans-capital-letters-1.jpgAs expected, some employees replied that they need caps to ensure students don’t miss an important part of the assignment. The memo follows two other unis banning fancy dress and clapping. Firstly, autumn 2018, Kent University created a ban on students wearing costumes deemed ‘inappropriate and offensive’. There were such things as cowboy outfits and sombreros, because they may jeopardize other students’.

Secondly, at the University of Manchester, the student union decided to replaced clapping with jazz hands. It was made to prevent people suffering from anxiety or sensory issues.

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