Legalization Day: How Canadian Universities Handle On-Campus Weed Smoking?

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October 17 is Legalization Day in Canada, so cannabis smokers across the country just couldn’t contain their joy! Despite living in the “unprecedented era of freedom”, no everyone in Canada can now enjoy the weed smoking to the fullest. So, how exactly are Canadian universities treating the Legalization Day? Are Canadian students allowed to smoke on campus? The Typical Student team decided to figure that out.

How Many Canadian Students Ever Used Cannabis?



It comes as no surprise that for many university students the policies are still remaining tighter than expected. The statistic (2012) shows that ⅓ of 18 to 24-year-olds admitted to be using cannabis in the year preceding the survey. As of 2017, another study by Maclean’s suggested 37% of all university students in Canada were using cannabis.

The percentage of students who admitted to smoke weed looks as follows:

  • Bishop’s University (Quebec) 60%  
  • St. Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia) 56%
  • Acadia University (Nova Scotia) 53%  
  • Simon Fraser University (British Columbia) 25%
  • University of Manitoba 23%

Are Canadian Students Allowed to Smoke Pot On Campus?



Despite legalization of marijuana across Canada, most universities enact a blanket ban of on-campus use, sale or growth of the substance. Among the prominent schools that have completely banned weed smoking are McGill University, the University of Calgary and the University of Regina.

McGill University being ranked the 7th highest self-reported student cannabis use in Canada, treated legalization in a conservative way. The Interim Rules Concerning the Possession and Use of Cannabis at McGill strictly regulate how substance possession and consumption are handled on campus.

cannabis-use-in-canada-age-01It is not clear how exactly Canadian universities are going to enforce the cannabis bans on their terrain. Most likely, students will have to leave their residences to be able to smoke weed. Time will tell how things turn out for cannabis lovers.


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