Here Is Why Los Angeles Unified School District Teachers Finally Ended The Strike

2 years ago



In 2019, Los Angeles Teachers Union votes to end the strike of more than 30,000 educators. What’s going on there? Today, the Typical Student team will share with you some fresh details.


Final Decision





To make a long story short, United Teachers of Los Angeles recently voted to end a strike which, by the way, consisted of more than 30,000 educators! The leaders announced last Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Unified School District teachers started the strike on Monday. The reason: 20 months of failed negotiations with the district. In a word, the teachers just wanted guarantees of smaller class sizes and increased support staff.

This agreement officially ends the strike that took place in the nation’s second-largest school district. As a result, all the teachers will go back to the classrooms.

What Officials Say





Here is what Alex Caputo-Pearl, UTLA President, said:


It’s a historic day today in Los Angeles. We have preliminary numbers from the vote on our agreement, and they show that a vast supermajority are voting yes for the agreement that we made with LAUSD, therefore ending the strike and heading back to schools tomorrow.


However, Caputo-Pearl also added that the group did not get “everything we wanted.” He highlighted the special education topic as well.


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