UK Students From Poorest Families Will Be Hit The Most By Tuition Fees Reduction in 2019, Experts Believe

3 years ago



Previously, we told you that UK Students Might Be Paying LESS Tuition & Fees In 2019. Now, we’re sharing the expert opinion on the tuition cuts that might surprise you.  According to SaveTheStudent, reducing the tuition to £6,500 “would likely benefit students from mid-high income families most, and harm those from the poorest.” The Typical Student team learned more about how this is even possible.


What’s the Impact of Fee Reduction?





Fee reduction under the new post-18 education and funding policies in England is now causing concerns over how it might affect students financially. As far as students from low-income families are concerned, they might be forced to miss out on a university education. While tuition and fees are reduced, they are unlikely to get the same amount of financial support from their families as their peers from higher income households. Experts claim that fees reduction might mostly benefit “those who go on to earn the highest salaries."


How Will Students From Low-Income Families Be Affected?





While nothing is known yet, it has to be said that financial worries are listed among one of the biggest causes of mental health issues among students. So, this situation might negatively affect poorer students resulting in dropping out of university. Another aspect to this situation are bursaries. According to Dame Janet Beer, current president of Universities UK, fees reduction would mean “institutions would have to limit the number of places they offered on courses.” In her interview to Radio 4, she commented: “Students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds would be the hardest hit by a cut.”


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