Madagascar Plane Fall: Body Of Cambridge Student Alana Cutland Has Been Found

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The body of a Cambridge University student Alana Cutland, 19, who fell from the plane in Madagascar July 25 has been recovered. The death of Ms. Cutland from Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, is investigated by the police as a possible suicide. According to the local police chief, the student's body had been found in a rural area in Madagascar on Tuesday. The Typical Student team learned the details. 


What Do We Know About Alana Cutland?




As told by the BBC News, Alana Cutland was studying natural sciences at Robinson College. She was "a bright, independent young woman". At the time of her death, she was on an internship in Madagascar. According to the witnesses, days before her possible suicide Ms. Cutland had been frustrated and "disappointed" with her research project. Reportedly, she had concluded that her project wouldn't be a success. Alana Cutland had reportedly contacted her supervisor while she was staying in Madagascar. 


Suicide Investigation 



The police believe Ms. Cutland fell off the plane after opening the aircraft door. The reason for her to do that remains unknown. It is believed this could be an "adverse reaction to anti-malaria medication she was taking." This version hasn't been confirmed so far. Ms Cutland's family and friends are heartbroken.  

The statement issued by the family reads as follows: 

"She was always so kind and supportive to her family and friends, which resulted in her having a very special connection with a wide network of people from all walks of her life, who we know will miss her dearly."


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