This Is The WEIRDEST Thing You’ve Ever Seen - Magic Mike Inspired Prom Ball Proposal (VIRAL VIDEO)

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Are you a fan of 'Magic Mike' franchise just by chance? Well, turns out the stripper movie can actually inspire a prom proposal! The Typical Student team decided to tell you about this unusual event, to say the least. The footage of a Magic Mike-inspired high school formal proposal inspired went viral on Facebook in mere hours. And THAT is the WEIRDEST dance routine one could ever see.


WAY BETTER Than Magic Mike

As reported by the DailyMail, the 'Magic Mike's inspired’ ball proposal video shows a group of New Zealand students forming a circle around a young girl to ask her to the dance. First, you hear the cheers of encouragement by a group of students. Then, a student named Michael reveals himself. He steps forward wearing his shirt unbuttoned, to the song ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine playing in the background.




Source: Mac Saleupolu/Facebook


Students later revealed they had very little time to rehearse the dance routine, so all the moves were made up on the spot. Mac Saleupolu, the person behind the camera, said all the action happened during lunch time.



Source: Mac Saleupolu/Facebook

Mike decided to surprise his soon-to-be prom date by presenting her with a single red rose. Then, he shakes off his unbuttoned shirt and fake tattoos on his chest become visible. As Mike goes on with the dancing routine, his fellow students shower him with fake money. Apparently, Mike is trying to reenact the Magic Mike XXL stripper dancing in a petrol station.


Source: Mac Saleupolu/Facebook

As the dance is approaching its climax, Mike grabs a bottle of chocolate milk and spills it over his chest. In the movie, however, actors used water in a similar scene instead. The crowd goes berserk at the moment Mike starts spraying the chocolate milk from his mouth into the air and onto the crowd.


Finally, the performance is finished by presenting student’s perspective prom date with a bouquet of flowers - and she gives her consent to go to the prom. Go ahead and see the viral video:

At the time of writing, the video garnered about 147K views and 1.4K shares on Facebook.

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