Main Reasons To Study In Australia: Here’s What Students Should Know About Education Down Under

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For many decades, students all over the globe used to go to Australia for higher education. However, these days, obtaining a degree will cost you at least $200,000. For these simple reasons, the question is: is it still a worthy offer? And that’s what the Typical Student team is going to tell you about today!


Studying Abroad

main-reasons-to-study-in-australia-2.jpgSame to New Zealand, Canada, US, and Europe, Australia is a popular place to go for higher education. As stated by the Institute of International Education, there are over 5 million students study abroad each year. To say more, more than a million go to US.

Today, Australia is currently the third-largest destination country and it's going to overtake the UK in 2019. With it, we can see that the numbers increase each year. Talking about Australia, it has a 17% increase for a single year!


Your Money

main-reasons-to-study-in-australia-1.jpgWhen it comes to money, this story seems to be positive. Half of all the returnees say they earned at least $1,411 per month, which means $19,930 per year, in their first job. Also, 33% said they got more than US$4,001 per month, which is $67,729 per year.

For example, let's take a look at the average monthly wage of a Vietnamese-educated local. In US, it's just $175 per month and $343 for Indonesians. However, in Australia, locally educated graduates from Singapore and Hong Kong earn on average US$1,966 and US$1,722 per month respectively.

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