To Wear or Not To Wear: 12 HILARIOUS Fashion Fails Done by Male Students

3 years ago



Personal style of every particular student is completely different. Fashion trends these days change every week, like literally! For this reason, fashionistas who want to stay relevant go shopping for new fancy clothes almost every day. How about those students who don’t have that much money to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Well, nothing except experimenting with their old clothes following the instructions from YouTube fashion bloggers.

This explains why most students, especially guys, end up looking weird. Not to mention the influence of mass culture... Just look at these INSANE haircuts or tattoos! Well, college years are crazy years, so almost nobody can proudly say they looked if not fashionable but at least decent during that time of their lives. Previously, the Typical Student team listed Summer Fashion DO’S & DON’TS 2018 for Female Students. Today, we've put together a list of 12 EPIC fashion fails done by male students that will make you laugh your ass off! 

#1 Desert scarves



We all remember that insane period when desert scarves were trendy AF. But that fashion trend has gone almost ten years ago, so it's time to stop wearing them!

#2 Shutter glasses 


Chances are, Kanye West's iconic shutter glasses will make you look stupid. If not worn by the iconic rapper, shutter glasses are ridiculous, pointless, and not fashionable anymore. They don’t even protect your eyes from the sun!

#3 Silicone bracelets 

male-student-fashion-fails-07Boys should be careful with bracelets if they don’t want to look weird. Wearing a bunch of cheap multicolored silicone bracelets with inscriptions on both of your wrists is something you should definitely forget about.

#4 V-necks with a VERY deep cut

male-student-fashion-fails-06That just doesn’t look right. Stop wearing it.

#5 Low-waist jeans letting your underwear show 


This really looks extremely gross, nobody wants to see your boxers even if there is a Superman logo on them.

#6 A single ear piercing 


Only one because two  studs would make you look like a girl?

#7 Super skinny jeans


Is it necessary to say that super skinny jeans make guys look odd? Especially if these jeans are bright red or lemon green.

#8 Checkered Vans


Okay, Vans are cool, but not checkered ones! But they are WAY TOO old school. Maybe, you should think of a shoe upgrade?

#9 Belt buckles with comics logos and other weird things


Well, if Howard Wolowitz still wears these belt buckles it doesn’t mean you should. Just stop it, these buckles don’t look cool anymore.

#10 Bleached hair


Guys, you should get over bleached hair! Even Messi ditched it over a year ago! if you did professional hair bleaching in a fancy salon, it still just doesn’t make you look alright.

#11 Fingerless gloves


Nobody really knows the actual purpose of these gloves. So some students think that fingerless gloves are cool, but they are terribly wrong.

#12 T-shirts with ridiculously stupid inscriptions on them

male-student-fashion-fails-09Yes, t-shirts with 'Sex Instructor' on them are neither trendy nor cool. Just forget about these t-shirts and buy a regular one.

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