Massachusetts College Workers Still Click On Infected Links And Lose $800,000

2 years ago



Winter 2018, hackers stole $800,000 from Massachusetts community college. How did it happen? Here’s what the Typical Student team is going to tell you about!


Original Story





To make a long story short, today the professional team from Massachusetts college do their best to improve local cybersecurity. In fact, there were $800,000 stolen from college via an infected email. As it was stated by Cape Cod Community College President John Cox, the letter was sent from another college. That’s why the one who opened it had no idea the email may by infected.

What’s Next?





Finally, IT officials from Massachusetts community college scanned PC and found an infected virus thanks to the diagnostics test. However, it was too late and the money already disappeared.

Currently, the local bank and the FBI are working on this case. What’s more, nearly $280,000 has already been returned to the institution.


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