Math Professor Who Held Student's Baby In Class Goes INSANELY Viral

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Professors are people, so they understand their students' pains and hardships. Professor Nathan Alexander teaching at Morehouse College went viral for being the kindest educator in the world. The Typical Student team learned more about the amazing story delivered by major news outlets worldwide.  


Professor's Surprising Reaction To Baby In Class



Source: Nick Vaughn

Student Wayne Hayer came to an algebra class taught by Nathan Alexander at Morehouse College with his baby. As told in a Facebook post by Nick Vaughn, his fellow student, Wayne explained that he failed to find a babysitter for his 5-month-old daughter. Surprisingly, Mr. Alexander didn’t mind the baby in the class, if  this was a guarantee of Wayne's attendance. Especially with midterms coming up. 

The Kindest Professor In The World




The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that when professor noticed that his student was getting distracted by taking care of his daughter, Mr. Alexander was willing to help the student. So, Mr. Alexander offered to hold the baby while the student was taking notes, and the student agreed. Professor Alexander "placed the child in an infant carrier and taught class with a baby in a pink coat strapped to his chest, rocking her with one hand, and lecturing her with the other." Believe it or not, the child slept through the whole lecture, so prof joked “My lecture must be getting boring.”


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