5 TRUE Stories About What It's Like to Be a Medical Student

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Being a doctor is certainly one of the hardest and most responsible things in the world. Terrible patients, long shifts, and extremely hard work are among the things that make this profession one of the most stressful ones. An internet user Abhishark, who is also an intern, shared his experience of working in the hospital.  Here's what he said about his worse night shift, the Typical Student team reports.

Story #1 The First Patient


Abhishark calls his first patient on that shift “Buck”. Buck was in his 70’s and suffered from diabetes. The first thing that Abhishark noticed about his patient was the terrible and unbearable smell. After examining his patient and talking to him for a little while Abhishark discovered the actual reason of the smell. One of Buck’s leg was literally rotten and during the examination Buck’s pinkie toe just popped off. So Abhishark had to inform his patient that he needs an amputation and left to continue his shift.

Story #2 The Satan


Abhishark’s next patient was Satan (it is a nickname). Satan was physically healthy and was extremely abusive to the hospital staff. She even was placed in a private ward because nobody could coexist with her. Satan’s main entertainment in hospital was calling the doctors and other staff and whether yelling at them or telling them annoying stories of her life. So Satan asked Abhishark to come to her ward and he, knowing what Satan actually was, denied to come. So did he the second time when Satan called for him. However, at last Abhishark come to Satan’s ward and guess what did she do? She threw her tray with dirty dishes at him.

Story #3 The Midnight Feast

med-student-true-stories-02Hospital food was awful, however, Abhishark still had to eat at least something. Night shifts always suck because you can’t eat out somewhere. So after Abhishark ate two weird-looking sandwiches from the hospital cafeteria a pack of lime flavored Cheetos in the vending machine had attracted his attention. However, the “luck” was literally following Abhishark that night and, of course, when he put the money in the vending machine nothing had happened. And his worst shift was going on.

Story #4 The Satan Again


After the Cheetos betrayal things slowed down a little bit and it was time to rest at last. It was almost morning and that meant that everything was going to end soon. On his way up Abhishark saw the sheriff in the hospital and immediately understood that Satan did something horrible again. It came out that Satan abused a nurse and she called the police. So anyway, instead of having some rest he had to talk to the police officers.

Story #5 Finally, Free


At 7.45 AM everything was finally over. Not remembering how, Abhishark took a shower and left the hospital. When he at last made it to home, he was extremely happy to sleep in his comfy bed.

So, this is how stressful and terrible just a single night shift in hospital can be. If you still think that being a doctor is not as much stressful as the people say, read the whole stories by Abhishark here.

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