Did You Know: Melania Trump To Host Her 1st Anti-Cyberbullying Event

4 years ago



First lady Melania Trump is gathering the CEO’s of the major online and social media companies to talk about cyberbullying and internet safety. Over a year ago, Melania made a statement of her intention to address cyberbullying in her term as a FLOTUS. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The upcoming meeting marks Melania’s first public event dedicated to internet safety.
  • Among the expected attendees are Amazon, Snap, Facebook, Google, and Twitter executives as well as representatives of the Internet Association.
  • The companies have admitted struggling to find a balance between the harassment prevention and freedom of expression.

Anti-Bullying Policies On Social Media

Some have found it strange that Melania has decided to publicly speak out on such a sensitive topic given that her husband Donald Trump is known for berating people on Twitter. Major tech companies follow strict regulations as to forbidding harassment or bullying in cyberspace. Users report the abuses so that services could weed them out. One of the largest social media services, Facebook, clearly states the types of offensive content and remarks that are intolerable.

Being one of the most popular services among teens and kids, Instagram provides links to the U.S. government's anti-bullying online resources. Also, on the Instagram’s help pages, one can find a guidance from cyberbullying research center. However, there is still abuse acknowledged by social services that drives away significant portions of their audience.

How Twitter Prevents Bullying?

It got especially bad on Twitter with an audience of 68M users in the USA only, so the company had to take down hateful tweets. The latest policies adopted by Twitter are aimed at protecting women whose nude pictures were distributed online without their knowledge, which is one of  the bullying tactics. One of the messengers extremely popular among the high school and college students, Yik Yak, was banned by educational institutions because of harassment complaints.

The shocking statistic suggests harassment is widespread not only among teens: 41% of U.S. adults claim they had been harassed on the web. Still, there is a thin line between the freedom of expression and harassment prevention. Some of President Trump's tweets have openly slammed and taunted people, causing public outrage and demands of shutting his Twitter account down. However, the social service declined, given the news value of the President's tweets which outshined the complaints about him being a bully.

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