Minnesota University Student Goes Viral Wearing “My Mom Would Be Mad” Shorts Out

2 years ago



In 2019, thus the University of Minnesota student went viral and it happened because the student was wearing 'Mom would be mad' shorts out. In this post, the Typical Student team will provide you with more details.


University Of Minnesota





To make a long story short, one student from the University of Minnesota received a phone call from his mother. It happened after his pic where the student wears shorts out in the chill of the polar vortex was posted on Twitter. IHowever, the post has since won over 153,000 likes and 30,000 shares, while sparking more than 700 comments, too.


Who Is This Student?





Needless to say, the student refused to give his last name to local media and the reason was  “mom would be mad” to see him less than dressed for the elements. Let the Typical Student remind you that this week there are actual wicked cold temperatures blasting the region, flanked by a photo of two young men at the University of Minnesota crossing the road at University Avenue Southeast.



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