Missing Iowa Student Mollie Tibbets Found DEAD! Police Named the Murderer (VIDEO INSIDE)

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After more than 5 months of searching, Mollie Tibbets was found dead. FBI discovered the body of missing Iowa student August, 21. What happened to 20-year-old student? And what is already known about this shocking murder? In this post, the Typical Student team is going to shed light on the tragedy.


First off, Mollie was reported missing July 2018. Previously, we told you about Mollie Tibbets in ATTENTION: $172,000 Reward Offered by Family of Missing Iowa Student for Any Information. Iowa Student suddenly stopped answering the messages of her boyfriend. She didn’t show up for work as well. Last time Mollie was seen 7:30 p.m. The girl jogged around Brooklyn. It happened in a rural farming town of Brooklyn, a close-knit community of nearly 1,500 people.


Tuesday morning Mollie’s body recovered in a farm field. Identity confirmation took time but Rob Tibbets told the press he identifies his daughter.


Who Killed Mobbie Tibbets?






According to state officials, a first-degree murder charge is filed against an undocumented immigrant. His name is Cristhian Rivera. He’s 24 y.o. and lives near the place where Mollie disappeared. It’s still unclear how the suspect passed the E-Verify system. He worked at the farm for 4 years and stayed in US between 4 and 7 years without registration.


See the video statement made by the police on Mollie's death:

The details of Mollie Tibbets murder are unclear as well. After the arrest, Cristhian Rivera led police officers to the field where the body was found. It’s over 12 miles from the place Iowa student disappeared. Allegedly, Rivera admitted following Mollie. He got out of the car and run alongside the student. Rivera states the girl promised to call the police, so he panicked. The affidavit says nothing about the next actions of the Mexican illegal immigrant. It says he just “blacked out”.

The next thing Rivera remembers (or pretends to remember) is student’s earphones on his lap. He was taking girl’s bloody body out of his car boot. Another known fact: Rivera dragged the body on foot from the car. He covered it in corn stalks.


Why Was Mollie Tibbetts Murdered?






Rick Rahn, Division of Criminal Investigation special agent, says he can’t talk about the motive of Mollie Tibbetts murder.

"I can just tell you that it seemed that he followed her, seemed to be drawn to her on that particular day, for whatever reason he chose to abduct her."

Although Rivera led the police to Mollie’s remains and confessed the crime, there’s no word of the motive yet.


There are no specific details about the location or murder by itself. They say there is a video from neighbours’ camera, which helped to found the suspect. After a long and intensive investigation, Mollie’s dad came back home to the San Francisco.


"The bottom line is somebody knows something," Rob Tibbetts previously commented, adding Brooklyn is a small city and "you can’t do anything there without someone seeing it."


This week, Mollie would have started her junior year of college.  

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