SHOCKER: Mobiles Ban In French Schools Starts This September, Will Students Survive?

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It’s official: starting September 2018 mobile phones will be banned in schools across France. Are you shocked? Typical Student team previously told you about 3 Tips for Students to Fight Smartphone Addiction: Learn How to Break the Habit Once and For All! Looks like French Government has taken it too far. We're completely dozed off! 


Why Is There So Much Fuss About Mobiles at School?



Such a radical measure was a part of Emmanuel Macron’s during his winning presidential election campaign. And it got the success, so now French government is serious about banning students from using mobile phones. The freeze will be imposed on texting, making selfies or checking phones.


It comes for the primary, junior, and middle schools of the country. French students  can bring the mobiles to schools but they can’t stare at the screens or even surf the internet. During classes, the mobiles will be left in special lockers.


Sounds nice but the thing is that a student can’t get a phone anytime they want. And breaks won’t make an exception. Every mobile remains in its locker until the end of the classes.


How Does French Government Comment Imposing Mobiles Ban?



The campaign against mobiles starts this September, which means the next school year is going to be extra fruitful. As you may know, a couple of education establishments already banned cells. Jean-Michel Blanquer (current French education minister) completely supports this taboo. He worries about scholars’ strides and wants learners to do their best at studying.


On the other hand, Blanquer says that banning mobiles in schools should be a real public health message to the pupils’ families. He emphasizes that sometimes (or even often) it would be great for today’s students to forget about their small-screened devices.


What Do Teachers Think?


Still, the union of French teachers is a bit skeptical about the mobiles ban. Philippe Vincent (the deputy general secretary of French teachers union) says that he has some doubts. According to Vincent, French government is trying to find problems where there’s none. He doesn’t think that banning mobile phones in schools is a pragmatic or logical step.


How Did Parents Like The Ban?


Talking about parents, the opinion is unclear. They think it’s a good idea to make children focus on classes but there are lots of disadvantages. In a word, everyone wants to have connection with their child and needs scholars to have mobiles with them.


That’s why people suggest to forget about the ban and simply install single blockers instead. In fact, these days there are 5, 300 state schools in France and each of them has more than 500 students. 3 million - that is how many lockers there should be.


Vincent wonders: "Are we going to transform a school into a giant locker?" 


How About Young People? What Do They Say About Mobiles Ban in Schools? 



Basically, French children start school at 6. It means that, thanks to the ban, learners will be able to use their mobiles during classes at age of 15 (or more) when the secondary school starts. To figure out what young people think of this prohibition, there were different students asked. Needless to say, nobody likes the ban. Boys and girls are shocked. They don't really understand how it's going to work. 


By the way, banning mobiles is not the only doubtful action French minister does. Suddenly, there was announced that every single education establishment must have its choir. The deadline is next January.


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