Momo Creator Destroys The Doll And Shares Tips On How To Avoid The Suicide Challenge

3 years ago



As you can see, Momo Game or Momo Challenge continues exploding the web space. It already hacked Peppa Pig, Fortnite, and YouTube Kids. While the creator of Momo says there’s no danger, the Typical Student team will provide you some tips on how to avoid Momo Game. Also, don't miss our previous post in case you have no idea WTH Momo Challenge is.







To start with, after months of a viral social media game scaring children and their parents the creator of Momo Dolls gave comments. The Japanese artists promised that "the curse is gone." Thus, sculptor Keisuke Aiso said the sculpture "doesn't exist anymore" and "was never meant to last."

“The children can be reassured Momo is dead - she doesn’t exist and the curse is gone."


How To Stay Safe?





Needless to say, there are some safety tips. So, here is what you should do to protect your family.

  • Take an interest in what your children are doing online.
  • Talk to your children about online safety and the risks of online interactions.
  • Make sure the protection features of websites and software your children use are activated.
  • Teach children how to deal with inappropriate material.
  • Know about the latest ways children are communicating and what they're up to when they're at friends' houses.
  • Keep an eye on the sites they're visiting by keeping the computer in a common area like the kitchen.

To learn more about Momo challenge, check out the video below:



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