WTH Is Momo Suicide Challenge? 4 Tips for Students to Help Protect Their Siblings

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Attention, students! The latest DEADLY ‘Momo’ challenge is going viral online. The Typical Student team warns readers NOT to partake in any challenges that may have lethal consequences. Be attentive to your teenage siblings, for they are at risk of joining those affected by the ‘Momo’ craze. The challenge was named after a creepypasta character ‘Momo’ who invites people who see her text her in WhatsApp. According to the urban legend, if kids fail to answer her, she will come at night to curse them.

What the Heck Is Momo Challenge?



Source: knowyourmeme.com

The gist of the challenge is hard to call ingenious: the challenge requires its participants to a contact in WhatsApp (messaging app). After that, they are required to do some creepy things from self-harm to committing suicide.

Some of you might remember the ‘Blue Whale’ challenge, that hit the teenagers a while ago. Back then, there was a community on social media that encouraged people to kill themselves. As a result, Russia and US have sustained multiple teenage suicides.

Have There Been Any Victims of ‘Momo’ Challenge So Far?




Unfortunately, yes. A 12-year-old girl from Argentina, the district of Escobar committed suicide as a part of the challenge as told by The Buenos Aires Times. The teen girl took her own life by “hanging herself from a tree in her family's backyard” and captured that on video.

Currently, the police is investigating the incident. Allegedly, the 18-year-old suspect whom the deceased girl had met online made her commit suicide as a part of the Momo Suicide Challenge. See the video explaining more on the "Momo" challenge situation:



What to Do If You Learn Any Of Your Friends/Siblings Are Involved?





Argentinian police issued a memo on Twitter to help parents and relatives prevent their kids from being affected.

argentinian-police-warning-02Source: @UIDIFGETabasco

In the event you find out any of your friends or siblings are involved in the DEADLY Momo Challenge, do the following:

  • Talk to them to find out what’s bothering them. Sometimes teens might feel lonely and rejected by their classmates and friends.
  • Convince them you aren’t going to punish or tell them off for partaking in the challenge. Listen carefully to what they say.
  • Teach them about how to say “no” to any pressure from their mates. Help them gain faith and confidence in themselves.
  • Let them know you’re always there for them, and they can trust you with their worries and issues.


Be attentive to your relatives and sibling! Don’t let the stupid game to take away their life. Check out the video below to learn more about Momo challenge:



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