'Monstrous' Hand Sculpture Quasi Scares The Hell Out Of Wellington Locals

2 years ago



Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, has welcomed a weird five-meter high sculpture of a hand with a face with mixed opinions. As told by the Guardian, the "terrifying" piece of art "has been flown in from the South Island to perch on top of a contemporary art gallery" in Wellington. The pedestrians are intimidated by the statue's disapproving expression. The Typical Student team learned more about the origins of the statue.




The masterpiece, called Quasi, was created by a New Zealand artist Ronnie van Hout. His "partial self-portrait" was meant for the artist's home town of Christchurch as a commemoration of the 2011 earthquake. Initially, the statue was meant to "liven up" the Civic Square damaged in a 2016 earthquake. The locals, however, didn't feel at ease seeing this piece of art, that was often referred to as "a Lovecraftian nightmare [that] has come to life".

Monday, Quasi was installed on the roof of the Wellington City Gallery via helicopter and is to stay there for three years. 



Quasi Must Go?

Before being erected on the roof of the Wellington City Gallery, Quasi was on the roof of the Christchurch Art Gallery for three years. The statue didn't sit well with the local art critic in Christchurch, who even wrote a manifesto providing 10 reasons why the sculpture must go. One of the reasons included on the list, suggests the sculpture’s ring finger “appears to be inappropriately and belligerently pointing at pedestrians and office workers”, the Guardian reports. 



Still, some Christchurch residents disagree saying they want the artwork back, as "the gross hand belongs to Christchurch".







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