Who Knew: 5 MORE Popular School Myths BUSTED In Real Life

4 years ago



Previously, the Typical Student told you about 5 Popular School Myths BUSTED In Real Life. The time has come to BUST more misconceptions and myths they taught you at school.

#1 Diamonds are made from ultra-pressurized coal


BUSTED! Actually, this popular myth comes from the fact that both diamonds and coal are formed from carbon.


However, the carbon from which diamonds are formed is purer than coal carbon. Besides, the process of formation a diamond requires higher temperature and pressure.

#2 You can’t start a sentence with a conjunction


BUSTED! And you can start a sentence with a conjunction. Moreover, violation of grammar rules is widely used by writers and journalists in order to make their books or articles more vivid. So, it’s not a mistake, it’s a stylistic device. 

#3 Humans only use 10% of their brain


BUSTED! This common misconception has a lot of variations, some ‘scientists’ even say that we only use 2-3% of our brain. However, it is a myth.

Since all your activities such as breathing, walking, feeling hungry, perception of information and completely everything you do, think, and feel is conducted by your brain, it is very absurdly to believe that it works only 10% of its potential.

#4 Five-second rule


That means that if you drop any food on the floor and quickly pick it up in five seconds it will be still safe to eat it.

BUSTED! In fact, the food becomes contaminated instantly after it touches the floor.

#5 Camels store extra water in their humps


BUSTED! Indeed, their humps serve to store extra fat. Moreover, it’s camels’s red blood cells that preserve extra water in animals’ bodies.

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