There Are More And More US Colleges Preparing Students For Cannabis Industry

2 years ago



5 month ago, the Typical Student team wrote about Canadian students offered to grow weed in college legally. Today, it looks like there are more and more colleges include cannabis courses as part of their curriculum.


The Numerals





To start with, the number of US colleges readying students for the future of the cannabis industry increases. Also, the number of schools that already included cannabis courses as part of their curriculum in anticipation for future "graduates for careers cultivating, researching, analyzing and marketing the herb" grows as well.


The recent researches show that, in the future, there will be more careers in the cannabis industry. According to ArcView Marketing Research, weed industry will have 467,000 jobs by 2022.


Northern Michigan University And Minot State University





In 2019, Northern Michigan University offers students the course of medicinal plant chemistry. And it could be the closest thing to a cannabis degree one could obtain. There are nearly 300 students from 48 different states in the school.


On the other hand, there is Minot State University in North Dakota who is going to launch a similar course. It’s going to take part in the spring of 2019. According to the officials, they will focus on "lab skills applicable to medical marijuana, hops, botanical supplements, and food science industries."


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